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Greece! - 2

August 30, 2023 Jo and I stood on top deck and watched the cruise port at Athens disappear as the Resilient Lady, our Virgin Voyages cruise liner, glided out over the calm waters of the Aegean sea.   I expected the ship to look like a floating retirement home, but was far from that.   When Jo and I went up to the top deck for the departure party, we saw a scene that looked like a cross between Spring Break in Ibiza and Burning Man.  Everyone was young, gorgeous and very Instagrammable.  The crew were handing out glasses of champagne and we looked down on the pool and hot tub area at all the guests who had already shed all their clothes and were bouncing to the throbbing house music in their glistening swimsuits.  "Did they just all come off another cruise?  Look, they're all so tan."  Most of the women looked like models, splashing in the pools and hot tubs with their champagne held high.  "You realize, we are the most uncool people on this boat!"  Jo laughed. V

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